Did you struggle through your math classes in high school and decide it's just not for you? Don't worry, you're not alone. High school math classes have long been viewed as behind the curve, especially by those who actually use mathematical principles in their work. The truth is, math is essential. The Laws of Nature are mathematical expressions, and the principles of the field can help problem solve just about anything.

Beyond its most practical and fundamental purposes, understanding math can also create new opportunities for you. Particularly in a time of great uncertainty, math is about as sure of a thing as there is. You can revisit the subject that once haunted you and understand it better than ever with the Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle, on sale now for just $28.99.

Revisit the basics with a clear goal in mind

One of the biggest hang-ups that many people have with mathematics is the belief that they will never have to use the skills in real life. There's some truth to that. Studies have found that the vast majority of Americans barely use more than basic math at work. But that isn't because they don't need it, it's because the way they were taught the skills wasn't geared toward their career.

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle lets you take a new approach to math: one that is in line with your future career path. Revisit algebra with a whole new slant to it with courses like Complete Linear Algebra for Data Science and Machine Learning. With that under your belt, you can approach advanced algebra courses like Algebra 2: The Complete Course with a new way of understanding the topic.

Tackle math with an engineer's approach

Now that you know math doesn't have to feel so abstract and you know that you'll be able to use it, it's time to start learning exactly how you might put it to use in a new career. This is where courses like INTUITION MATTERS! Applied Calculus for Engineers comes into play. This series of four separate courses will not only help you gain a better understanding of exactly how calculus works in a way the whiteboard equations in your high school classroom never could, but it will also teach you exactly how to apply those principles to the field of engineering.

When it comes down to it, math is more than just memorizing some concepts and formulas. You need to truly understand it so that you can take the theories and apply them in a practical way. Engineering is a field that absolutely requires this type of knowledge. It's not that you'll have to solve specific equations, it's that you'll need to understand the fundamentals and be able to put them to use in a real-life environment. You can see how this all comes together in the Complete Electricity for Electronics, Electrical Engineering course, which will have you solving electric circuits easily with your newfound math skills.

Meet the bundle that holds the path to your future career

It's time to strip math of some of the mystique that it has had for too long. The field can be understood and applied practically if you just have the right approach, and The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle is all the proof you need of that. This nine-course collection is valued at $1,195, but you can get it for just $28.99. Some quick math tells you that is a 97% savings off the retail price, and you can trust your intuition when it tells you that is a great deal. Start down the path to a career where you can apply your math skills, pick up this course bundle while you can!

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