It wasn't so long ago that understanding financial markets was fairly easy. You bought a stock, sat on it for years, and sold it when it was up once you needed the money.

However, decades of advancing technology and financial theory have made investing vastly more complex. If you want to have a better insight into what traders are doing, and why, the Complete Wall Street & Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp is  just $30 (or 96% off the usual price), and will get you up to speed on everything from the basics to the riskiest, most complex innovations.

Day Trading, Volume, And Technical Analysis

The Complete Day Trading Bootcamp and Volume Trading 101: Day Trading Stocks with Volume Analysis are where you should start if you're new to playing the market. Day trading is the practice of buying and selling a stock in a single day; the idea is to take advantage of the minute-by-minute fluctuations in stock price to make a profit. Volume analysis is a crucial tool for day trading, as it looks at the overall transaction volume of a stock, that is, how much and how often it's being bought and sold, and uses that information to make stock calls. If you're wondering how the market can whipsaw in a minute, these two courses will teach you why.

Finally, you can learn how stock traders analyze the market and make decisions with The Complete Technical Analysis Boot Camp. This will show you how technical analysis is used on markets, how to choose the most effective analyses, and how to act on them for maximum impact.

Foreign Exchange Trading (Forex)

Foreign exchange trading is much like day trading, except instead of the up-and-down of stocks, you look at the balance between different currencies. If this sounds complex, it very much is, and the Introduction to Forex: Learn to Trade Forex by Yourself course will show you the basics of how it functions, why traders use it, and how to begin exploring it for yourself. The Complete Forex Trading Boot Camp will explore applying those concepts in greater detail and how to use it as an investment vehicle.

Swing Trading

Between the traditional "buy it and sit on it" technique and the lightning strikes of day trading sit swing trading, where traders buy stock gambling on a "swing" in the market or industry sector that will pay big dividends. The Complete Stock Trading Boot Camp and The Complete Swing Trading Boot Course show you how to use the strategy, understand the risks, and apply them to start playing the market.

Fibonnaci And Cryptocurrency

Finally, you'll learn some of the cutting-edge techniques that are still being explored. The Complete Fibonacci Trading Boot Camp looks at Fibonnaci trading, or retracement trading, which attempts to look for specific "teeth" in a stock or market's sawtooth wave, places where the price drops or rises against the general trend.

You'll also learn about where cryptocurrencies fit into overall investment strategies with Cryptocurrency Masterclass: Wallets, Investing & Trading, exploring the basics of cryptocurrency use and investing, and
The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Boot Camp, which shows you how to use other investment techniques on crypto markets.

At 96% off, or just $30, this bundle is ideal for both investors who are just getting started and those who want to better understand the financial news, even if they never touch a stock outside of their 401(k). Especially as markets become more complex and technology is brought more to bear on them, it's key to stay informed about how money works, whether you're playing or just watching the market.

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