There's a multitude of languages, and even our devices are getting better at speaking them. But, what if you live in a world where you can't hear or speak perfectly? The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle gives you a foundation in one of the most popular sign-based languages, and it's currently $34.99, 94% off its usual price.

Why Learn ASL?

To give you an idea of how useful ASL is, it's one of the most common languages in the United States. It's also been shown to improve vocabulary, spatial reasoning, and confidence in everyone who studies it. Kids, in particular, benefit from learning ASL, the belief being that looking at language through more than one lens helps cross-train linguistic and spatial skills.

ASL In Daily Life

The bundle includes thirteen courses – a total of 29 hours – focused on ASL in everyday life. It starts with the basics, with a full beginner course, a complete walkthrough of the manual alphabet, a series of fingerspelling exercises that show you how to more effectively sign and read signs, and to spell a word when you don't know, or there isn't, a sign, and finally, the story, Tom Loves Ruth, which uses a narrative to develop your signing and reading skills.

From there, you can explore the personal side of communicating, including personality questions, emotional questions like "How are you?", colors, pronouns, action verbs, animals, numbers, and everyday phrases. The course finishes with a focus on beginning ASL for business ideal for people looking to add ASL to their resume.

Whether there's someone in your life you want to communicate with more effectively, or you want to learn a new language in a new way, the All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle opens a window into a new linguistic world. And at $34.99, 94% off, it's never been easier to learn to sign.

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