Learning didn’t always work like this, did it? We all grew up with loads of classroom-focused, one-on-one coursework in schools with teachers we knew, who knew us and we're constantly keeping a sharp eye on our scholastic progress.

As the smartphone rose to prominence, so did the novelty of app-based learning, making courses in virtually any area available right through your phone. That was an unquestioned win for convenience, but not necessarily for adult education. While some people have the self-discipline to learn through an app, stick to a curriculum, and power themselves to subject mastery, many of us can’t quite find that gear. It’s definitely harder than you think, even if you pair it with more outlandish study methods.

Now, the pendulum is swinging back. Many learners are coming around to the real value of face-to-face, old-school education. Babbel built an empire 10-million strong on teaching foreign language study via an app, but now, even the king of foreign language app training sees the value of live learning as well.

That led to Babbel’s new initiative Babbel Live, a learning system that depends on live virtual classes and real one-on-one communication, but without losing the resources and techniques that have made Babbel such a hit worldwide.

When you sign up for Babbel Live, you can pick between 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions to unlock unlimited classes during your subscription period. That's right, take as many classes as you want for just one monthly price - a price that is up to 65% off right now.

Even with Babbel Live, language learning is still based on convenience, with a giant roster of more than 70 classes available each day so you can always find a class time that best fits your hyper-customized schedule. Regardless of skill level, users just select the time and subject that works for them, then log in when your class is supposed to start.

Each course is led by a certified language teacher in a class that never includes more than six students. By capping class sizes at such a small number, each student is assured to get direct personal access to the instructor and plenty of opportunities to speak up and test their developing skills. Their teachers have a 4.8/5 satisfaction score, so you're in good hands.

Most of us learn best by doing, and the Babbel Live system is as hands-on as language training gets. After a quick dive into the full scope of the lesson, including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural context, plenty of course time is dedicated to maximizing your speaking practice in a judgment-free environment

You talk with a fellow classmate at your skill level, all while your instructor assesses your performance, then offers instant feedback so you’re immediately ready for more.

Once the class is over, the learning doesn’t have to end, since this Babbel Live membership also grants full access to all of Babbel’s app-based language learning as well. While students pick up plenty in their live courses, the app allows them to keep up their studies whenever it fits, with podcasts, games, short stories, and more to really complement the live lessons.

Learn in the 21st century with Babbel Live! Right now, users can head over to the Babbel Live website to get up to 65% off, see what plan works best to learn their chosen language, then get started learning in this new-old way.

Prices subject to change

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