Music is literally everywhere in the universe. Yet, making great music can be intimidating, regardless of the genre. Ableton Live helps by putting an enormous suite of production tools and filters a click away, and the Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle ($35.99, 97% off) will show you how to maximize them.

Why Ableton Live?

Ableton Live has its roots in the DJ scene, where the company's founders homebrewed software for their band's live performances. Where other software tools at the time were built to engineer music, Ableton Live was constructed to work like an instrument. It was one of the first software tools that automatically matched beats, allowing DJs to focus on other parts of their work.

It's also built to be a production tool, so you can take your song from rough idea to polished hit without closing the window. Think of it as a more advanced version of composing hits at the piano.

Production From Beginning To End

The bundle, with eight courses and eleven hours of instruction, starts from the very beginning, introducing you to how Ableton functions as a tool and an instrument, and how to perform basic functions. From there, you'll explore how to develop the arrangements for your song; using warping to sync music clips and samples, automating different tasks while composing, applying effects and features, and mixing and mastering. The bundle closes with two courses on music theory and songwriting, and how to apply those concepts when you're working in Ableton Live.

Music production can be a complicated job, but the rewards of creativity make the effort worth it, and Ableton Live is the ideal tool kit to help you turn that song in your head into something everyone can hear. And at $35.99, 97% off the MSRP, this bundle will make composing and performing that much more accessible.

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