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Learn How Startups Are Launched, Funded, And Grow With This Training

Whether you're looking to start your first venture, or want to understand the startups you're investing in, knowing how institutional investors think is key. This bundle will lay out how they tick, and how to make it work for you.

May 17 by Futurism Creative
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Startups have been changing the world for decades. These small, nimble businesses can grow quickly and turn into established pillars of industry, yet in their early years, finding funding and support can be a struggle if they’re not properly organized and presented. The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle lays out how to launch a startup, keep it funded, and make it thrive.

The bundle is taught by John Colley, who spent nearly thirty years working as a finance executive specializing in technology and a business strategy expert before pursuing his passion for teaching. Colley saw a need to raise the level of business intelligence in the startup sector, and has been educating founders and investors on how investing and business strategy function at that level since 2008 across a wide range of media.

The bundle is designed for those new to business strategy to begin coming to grips with terminology, procedure, and execution. Across seven courses, Colley breaks down the jargon used among investors and financiers; the issues most essential for startups to address before they launch; what liquidation preferences are and why they’re the most important part of any startup deal; and how to pitch a startup and raise capital regardless of your audience.

Most importantly, Colley focuses on business strategy essentials, aimed at helping students launch their own business, and, once the business is up and running, raising capital to keep it going until it becomes a profitable business.


As the financial world changes, new technologies and approaches will open doors that never seemed possible before. By studying this course bundle, you’ll know how to take advantage of it, and how to measure businesses you’re considering investing in. The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle is currently on sale for $39.99, or about $6 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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