Many years ago, anyone wanting to launch a website faced a crisis. With only a few domain extensions to choose from, good domain names were becoming as rare as Clubhouse users on Android. And that is very rare indeed.

To solve the problem, a brand new selection of top-level domains was introduced back in 2015. One of the new extensions was .tech, which is now becoming a favorite with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and technology organizations.

There are several reasons why .tech has proved so popular. Perhaps the most notable is that many short, memorable domain names are available. For instance, and are both open for registration at the time of this writing. The equivalent .com domains have long since been claimed.

Of course, .tech domain names also make visitors think of technology and the future. Presumably, this is why CES, the world-famous technology expo, was an early adopter of the .tech extension. Likewise, Viacom chose the extension for their media technology division. Putting your website in the same bracket is a smart move for immediate branding benefit.

Getting your hands on a .tech domain is pretty straightforward: visit .TECH Domains and enter your desired domain name to check availability. The selection is vast, and you can claim a domain in minutes.

Just as importantly, the .tech extension won't come with a big price tag. Domain names normally start at $49.99 a year, with savings on longer registrations.

For a limited time, .TECH is offering an 80% discount on all one-year and five-year registrations. Simply enter the promo code TECHNOW at checkout for instant savings.

Prices subject to change 

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