Cannabis is so popular, we've even sent it to space. Yet, despite its rising acceptance and popularity, storage solutions haven't kept up, with glass jars, baggies, or the old-school stash box still tucked away in desk drawers. If you'd rather have your cannabis in containers that fit your style, Stori has simple, elegant storage solutions for all your cannabis products, that you can easily take with you.

Each case is made of performance plastics and comes with six pods and six tubes, each with a lid in a distinct color that makes it easy to organize your rerolls and grab the strain you want. If you want to get more detailed, the pods and tubes are dry-erase friendly, making them easy to label and share. There's also room in the case for rolling papers, vapes, and other accessories, so you'll always have what you need.

Each pod and tube is made of food-grade plastic that won't transfer smells or tastes to your strains and has an airtight lid that's child and pet-resistant, keeping smells contained and moisture away. It's all wrapped up in a clean design that looks good no matter where you're taking it. One user comments, "No scent when the stori is locked which is great for storing in a common area (Kitchen cabinet, garage, bathroom vanity). Perfect for managing multiple strains and not having them dry out, also with a small storage area for papers, my grinder, filters, and my vaporizer."

Stori extends the organizational aspect with the Stori app. The app helps you sort, track, and rate what you've bought and tried over time, with places to log price, amount, storage type, THC content, and date of purchase, making it easier to remember what you should smoke first. Over time, the app uses that data to recommend other strains and products you might be interested in, particularly useful as the industry expands and more research and opinion comes to bear on the different markets.

Typically, you'd pay $220 for a full Stori kit, but currently, you can get one for $164.95, 25% off.

Prices subject to change.

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