All technology has benefits and drawbacks depending on how we decide to use it. And, while we'd never go back to a pre-smartphone, pre-digital world, modern technology is being used for petty annoyances like automating obnoxious behavior and scams. Fortunately, you don't have to put up with spam, as RoboKiller keeps the scammy calls and texts off your phone, and you can now save over 50% on a two-year subscription.

RoboKiller solves the spam problem by fighting fire with fire, a solution so creative that it was awarded the top prize by the FTC in 2015 for its robocall prevention contest. It deploys its AnswerBots to accept calls before they ring you, and determine if they're legitimate or fake. If the latter, the AnswerBots are designed to keep spammers talking, both to keep them from bothering other people and to get enough audio to be analyzed for their unique audio "fingerprint."

Every person has a unique sound to their voice that can be identified with enough data. Once RoboKiller finds that fingerprint, it goes into its database to be compared against others. When there's a match with a known spammer, RoboKiller's database blocks the numbers. It'll also send you alerts with the number that attempted to call you, what the caller was claiming to be, and a recording of the call if you want to listen to the spammer have the tables turned.

In addition, RoboKiller has anti-spoofing tools to prevent the incorrect number being shown on your phone and trick you into answering, as well as SMS protection to block unwanted text messages. It even has a personal block/allow listing tools so you can "whitelist" friends and family and guarantee they always get through.

Usually, two years of RoboKiller costs $79. Currently, though, you can get a 49% discount, plus $10 off, meaning peace of mind is just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.

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