• Described as a "turn on and shoot" solution for VR filmmakers, the device can capture high-resolution 360 degree images, produce high dynamic range (HDR) images, and capture time-lapse and high frame-rate images. That last one means those epic slow-mo scenes you're accustomed to in your favorite action movies will translate well in the VR space, thanks to the NEO.
  • The device, which is the fifth generation of VR camera created by the company, combines an array of high-resolution cameras in one seamless housing. Despite the multiple camera set-up, the NEO is fairly compact and weatherproof.
  • Unfortunately, access to the NEO will be limited to companies partnering with Jaunt (under rental or lease agreements), and those partners won't get their hands on it until August. At present, there are no plans to offer the NEO as a product to the general public.

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