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Hyperloop Expansion: Musk’s Futuristic High-Speed Rail Heading to Dubai

Hyperloop's commercial debut is nearing!

Ramon PerezAugust 17th 2016

After hosting the Hyperloop designing contest last September, which was participated by 100 teams from all over the globe, Dubai is now being studied to be the first ever commercial station of Hyperloop.

Partnered with DP World, the company plans to conduct a feasibility study on building a route for Port Jebel Ali. In assessing the use of high-speed Hyperloop tubes to ferry cargo from ships straight to a separate container depot. A successful study would allow the operators to free up space at Jebel Ali. The space can then be used for more profitable applications.

Image shows Hyperloop's planned network for Dubai.
Hyperloop’s planned network for Dubai-a partly submerged and partly suspended cargo.

According to company CEO and ex-Cisco president Rob Lloyd, Dubai’s potential is attributed to its having “the infrastructure, regulatory movement and kind of capital in place needed” to make it happen.

Should the feasibility study pan out, Dubai would be the first stop on our much-awaited Hyperloop transport system.

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