After announcing its new flagship phones—the P9 and P9 Plus—in London last week, Huawei hosted a launch event in Shanghai where the company also included a little surprise. Huawei has officially joined the VR race with its own virtual reality headsets, simply named Huawei VR.

Huawei VR comes in three sets made to fit each of the company’s three new devices, the P9, P9 Plus, and the Mate 8. Huawei VR is also the first VR headset to offer a 360-degree sound field—granted that you've got the content and that your headphones are up to the task.

Just like the Samsung Gear VR, Huawei VR headsets work by opening the front cover and secure the appropriate phone running a VR app. The headset also has a touch panel, a back button, and volume buttons.

Huawei VR will have 4,000 movies, over 40 games, 150 panoramic tours, and 350 panoramic images, all available for free. No price or release dates have been announced yet.

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