Auto insurance is an unfortunate reality of owning a car. That means finding the best deal, and staying in control of your auto policy, is a reality for most of us. Fortunately, it's not all bad news as it once was with traditional insurers. New-school insurers like Clearcover, currently available in nine states, put technology first to make the insurance process entirely digital, helping put drivers in control of their policies.

Streamlining The Shopping Process

It's easy to forget that buying car insurance is shopping for a product, just like anything else we buy. And, just like we'd do with anything else we buy, insurtech is making it easier to compare prices and switch out policies when a better deal comes along. While drivers can switch out their insurance for a new policy at any time, the paperwork and shopping process to this point has made it onerous. Many drivers wait until their auto policy is almost up to either renew or find something better.

Insurtech has turned the process into much more of a typical online shopping experience. Finding and comparing quotes, and getting a better price, is a simple process involving just a few questionnaires. Speaking to customer service involves tapping a button, not finding a business card, or frantically Googling an agent's name and hoping they're in the office. Customizing a policy is about answering a few questions, not sorting through endless websites. Many drivers can open the app and close it a few minutes later, fully covered and ready to hit the road.

Simplifying Payments

More and more, we're managing our bank accounts and handling our credit cards through apps. So why should car insurance be any different?

Turning auto insurance into a fully digital process is making it easier for everyone. For example, Clearcover's app is built to make paying bills, checking and updating payment information, and tracking payment history and upcoming payment schedules as simple as popping open the app and taking a look. It makes both paying your insurance and personal finance much easier.

Centralizing Paperwork

If you delve into the glovebox of anybody's car, you're going to find a lot of paperwork—the user manual, the registration, and, of course, proof of insurance. Similarly, if you needed to make a claim, until recently, there was a lot of paperwork to manage. Even getting roadside assistance involved keeping a card handy.

Insurtech has taken the paperwork out of both daily driving and filing claims. For example, with the Clearcover mobile app, your proof of insurance is always available, even if you're in airplane mode or miles from the nearest tower.

If you have to file a claim, you won't have to talk to a single person to get it taken care of. You can use the tools onboard your phone to capture the necessary information to file a claim and get it to an agent quickly. Insurtech has even made it easier to use policy features like scheduling a glass repair for your car or calling for roadside assistance for the days when you have a flat tire or your car battery is dead.

How we navigate our finances is changing rapidly, and auto insurance is changing with it. Don't wait to make a switch to a new-school provider like Clearcover when your life could be easier starting today.

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