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This Robot Arm Turns Any Home Office Into a High-Tech Wonderland

The Rotrics DexArm is a 3D printer, laser engraver, AI assistant, and so much more.

Aug 11 by Futurism Creative

It is no secret that the world of robotics is more accessible than ever. But thanks to the amazingly versatile Rotrics DexArm, the bar of entry is now even lower. It’s a robot arm that is also a 3d Printer, a laser engraver, a personal AI assistant, and much, much more. It will transform any home office into a high-tech robotics lab that almost anyone can learn to use.

Rotrics DexArm: The Home Office Robot Arm

Image via Rotrics

DexArm operates via modules, detachable pieces which enable it to accomplish a multitude of different tasks. These modules can be attached and detached with just one simple click. This means that you can get straight to business without having to worry about a time-consuming, confusing installation process.

For example, the 3D printer module enables the robot arm to print various items, just like a normal 3D Printer. This video shows the process. Just create or choose your design in the desktop app, and print away!

The laser engraving module enables you to carve stunning imagery on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, leather, bamboo, and paper. It can create graphics, pictures, and even calligraphy. In a manner of minutes, it can turn a generic items into thoughtful, personalized gifts.


Apart from modules, DexArm also has a variety of attachments that expand the robot arm’s functionality. For example, Rotrics offers a safety enclosure and sliding rail kit that expand the DexArm’s working area well beyond the standard 210×297 mm for 2D projects and 220x220x297 mm for 3D projects.

Apart from the sliding rail kit, Rotrics uses a variety of gadgets, such as a computer vision kit, to enhance DexArm’s already high precision. The kit includes a flexible API, which can be integrated into other projects. What’s more, DexArm can also be attached to the 3.5mm touchscreen, which also has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

If you are an experienced programmer, it’s also worth mentioning the arm supports a variety of programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, ROS, Python, C, and C++. Rotrics’ software is also supported on Windows and macOS.

So if you’re looking for a perfect STEM-related hobby, you’ve found it. Click here to get started with DexArm robot arm, today.


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