USS Enterprise

Check this out—just in time for the 50th anniversary of the popular Star Trek franchise, Spin Master is turning its quadcopter drones into a flying version of the famed USS enterprise.

Spin Master, a toy brand known for introducing the Air Hogs, a quadcopter drone with an affordable price tag, is using the popular line to recreate a detailed replica of the Enterprise—from its saucer to its nacelles, with working lights, complete with authentic sound effects, and its own remote control.

The line is perfect for aspiring drone pilots with its fully operational features. And while it many not impress a lot of people with its speed, it it particularly easy to control, whether indoors or outdoors.

Image Credit: Spin Master
No Starfleet Training Required

The USS Enterprise drone operates with four rotors housed within the ship’s saucer section, which is almost completely see-through to allow air to pass through it. But other than this minor change, the replica is a careful and faithful recreation of the ship.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A drone is priced at around $120 and will be available at the later end of 2016.

The drone also comes with a branded controller, which means users won’t have to fumble with awkward touchscreen controls using their own smartphones.

Every geeks dream, it's a pretty awesome update to existing drone tech, and it highlights the ways in which these devices are reaching an ever increasing audience, becoming exceedingly widespread in society.

Image credit: Spin Master

Granted this one won’t come with the ability to fly at warp speed, but neither will you need Starfleet training, or even drone pilot training for that matter, to operate it. Drone technology isn’t quite advanced enough to let drones travel at the speed of light—but until then, you can switch on the control’s warp speed mode to play really cool sound effects.

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