A New Age in Health

A new industry-specific program called DeepMind Health has just been launched by Google's DeepMind Artificial Intelligence group. The website for the group shows that Google has already partnered with multiple healthcare organizations that include the National Health Service and the Royal Free Hospital London.

To begin the collaboration, Google DeepMind worked with the Royal Free Hospital London team to create a mobile app called "Streams." The app is designed to be used by doctors and nurses to diagnose acute kidney injury. In addition to this, they are working on another app called Hark that focuses on clinical task management.

In short, Hark gives you everything you will need for your hospital visit. It identifies all of the various tasks that need to be performed in order to prevent individuals who have been admitted to a hospital from deteriorating, allocates patients to the necessary staff, tracks what has and has not been done, and can notify staff about tasks as it is necessary.

Meet DeepMind Health

"Frontline nurses, doctors and other health care professionals who spend their days treating patients know better than anyone what's needed to provide outstanding care. We at DeepMind Health aim to support clinicians by providing the technical expertise needed to build and scale technologies that help them provide the best possible care to their patients,” Google DeepMind says on the new website.

In early tests, the team found medical staff responded 37% faster when they were alerted by the Hark app, as opposed to being paged.

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