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Get Started Coding For Free, And Build The Bundle You Want From There

This self-constructed bundle lets you choose your own path in coding, starting with the basics for free.

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While some computers are coding by themselves, the demand for computer programmers isn’t going away. In fact it’s growing fast, and becoming a part of everyday careers. The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training Build-a-Bundle from Mammoth Interactive gets you started for free, and you can build on your knowledge from there.

Build a Bundle: The 2021 Ultimate Learn To Code Training

Mammoth Interactive has an instructor rating of 4.2/5 stars, and was founded as a game studio in 2008 by CEO John Bura, has a mission of teaching everyone to code using video games as a starting point. So, to get started, you can start with a free three-course bundle, featuring one hour courses on the basics of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

From there, you can build the bundle to suit. At the $3 tier, you can add five courses centered around game design and graphics with Unity and Blender. You’ll discover the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence while building a first-person puzzle game, a ninja survival game, a tank game, and an action RPG.

At the $8 level, you’ll be focused on web development, using JavaScript and the fundamentals of machine learning in Python. This bundle includes code-along app training; an instructional web design course where you’ll build twenty different websites; a complete JavaScript masterclass focused on app design; and the fundamentals of data analysis.


For $10, you can delve into the world of data science and web automation. In addition to relevant courses from the previous tier on JavaScript and Python, you’ll learn how Selenium Python keeps the web moving; learn the basics of R, the language that underpins data science work; deep learning with the Keras framework; and build on your app development skills with Flutter and Dart.

And if you want to learn everything we’ve listed off, the entire bundle of 25 courses is available for $15, 84% off the MSRP. No matter what, you’ll open the door to a better career and a deeper understanding of the networks that drive the world.

Prices subject to change.

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