As we learn more about the body, hormones are offering new insights into not just how we become adults, but how we gain or lose weight, our fertility, and even how we age. Understanding your hormonal balance now can help you plan for the future, so the Modern Fertility Hormone Test makes it easy to learn about your fertility easily, safely, and privately. Rated Fast Company's number one healthcare business, this test is now available for a discount. 

This test is the same as ones you'll get in a doctor's office, and are in fact developed with the guidance of fertility doctors, but at a fraction of the price. All you need to do for the test is answer a few general questions about yourself and any medication that may affect the results, prick your finger according to the included instructions, and mail in your sample. Then, a doctor reviews the tests and uploads them to your personal dashboard for private viewing.

The test looks at seven hormones, including Anti-Mullerian Hormone, a market of egg quantity; thyroid-stimulating hormone, which can affect both ovulation and fetal development; free thyroxine, which is also tied to the thyroid; follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which assists in the start of ovulation; estradiol, which interacts with FSH and can help track ovulation concerns; prolactin, which can pause ovulation; and lutenizing hormone, which is one of the hormones regulating your cycle. While no single test is a fertility "silver bullet," these seven in concert can offer a useful overall picture to help with family planning, now or in the future. In addition, thyroid levels can help diagnose concerns about skin, weight, energy, and mood.

Fertility is a sensitive matter, and Modern Fertility is designed to help you gather the knowledge you need to advocate for your own health. Normally it's $159 for this hormone test, but right now, you can save $10 and begin considering your future for $149.

Prices subject to change.

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