Every organization needs programmers — whether you're a retail operation that goes from app to warehouse to doorstep, or an industrial firm installing instrumentation and sensors through every facility to better monitor its output. Whether you're looking to supercharge your career, expand your IT skills, or change industries in 2021, the Premium Learn To Code 2021 Certification Bundle, now 98% off at $59.99, will show you how with help from some of the industry's top instructors.

Web Development

Every organization needs a website, but that site has to be optimized for both desktop and mobile, built with SEO in mind. Ideally, it also has a variety of widgets and features built-in.

This bundle includes courses that ground you on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Ruby for web development, so you'll learn how to maintain, update, and upgrade websites quickly and easily with code-along projects that reinforce what you've learned. Courses include:

  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript: Certification Course for Beginners
  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
  • The Complete Front-End Web Development Course
  • The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 20 Websites
  • Making Websites with Python & Django 3: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
  • Bootstrap & jQuery: Certification Course for Beginners
  • The 2020 Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp
  • How to Get a Job as a Web Developer

App Development

Apps have become central to personal and professional lives, and, as industries like fintech expand, developing flexible, powerful apps will become a central need for businesses across the spectrum. This bundle will show you both iOS and Android applications, how to use and build APIs, and the best way to keep apps on the cutting edge. Courses include:

  • SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms
  • SwiftUI: The Complete Developer Course
  • Making APIs with Django & Python
  • Learn Flutter & Dart: Complete App Development Projects


Java is one of the most common programming languages. You'll find it behind apps, in website code, and in a host of other places. This training will show you everything you need to get started with Java on a professional level, with courses including:

  • JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp
  • Java Foundations
  • JavaScript Master Class
  • Java Interview Questions: Data Structures & Algorithms


Python is one of the most effective and popular programming languages, found in data visualization tools, website architecture, and a host of other applications. It's also known for being easy to learn. Having a background in Python is the foundation of a successful coding career. In this bundle you'll find:

  • Python for Everyone
  • The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications
  • Learn Python for Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

C, IoT, And More

Finally, you can choose some different directions to go in once you've developed your overall coding skills. Or if you're experienced in coding and want to branch out, try these courses:

  • Interested in industrial programming, legacy applications, and other complex coding? Check out The Complete C# Programming Course and C++ Programming for Beginners.
  • Want to do more with data and database design? PHP & MySQL: Certification Course for Beginners and The Ultimate Amazon Honeycode Guide: Build 7 Apps will show you how to automate data entry and develop your own databases and tools.
  • And if you want to get started in IoT, Raspberry Pi Essentials & Extras and ROS2 For Beginners will open the door to the wider world of the internet in everything.

It wasn't so long ago that not everyone had a smartphone, voice assistants were still limited to Star Trek, and a "smart fridge" meant having an icemaker. Learning the core skills of a coding career, and adding new ones, will help you future-proof your working life. And at just $59.99, you'll have the ultimate in updated for 2021 coding training to make it happen.

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