While Apple continues to push the boundaries of tech with augmented reality and self-driving cars, for many people, it's the Mac that matters most to them. Setapp is an easy way to turn your Mac into a productivity machine, by giving you access to a hand-selected library of apps for every need. If you act fast, you can get a year-long subscription for nearly half off its total value. 

The fundamental problem with any app store is that even the simplest task has a flood of choices at this point. Do you go with a high-rated solution with few reviews, or stick with the brand name? And if the app turns out to be a dud, you rarely get a refund for it.

Setapp solves this issue with a simple-to-use library. Setapp has been called "the Spotify of Mac apps" by TechCrunch, and that's a good analogy for how it works. When you subscribe, it opens a curated app library that picks the best apps for productivity, maintenance, task management, and more. Choose a task you want to complete and Setapp will give you a collection of tools that get the job done.

Each app is vetted by the Setapp team before being added, and installing is as simple as clicking on it. When you're done working, you can uninstall it just as easily. Everything you download is free of any distractions; you'll never have to buy a feature in-app, deal with an ad slowing you down, or any other distractions. Each app is automatically updated with upgrades as they roll out, so you won't have to pay for that, either. And, over time, Setapp learns what's most useful for you and will make personalized recommendations as new choices appear in the library.

Generally, a year of Setapp will cost $119. Right now, though, you can save 42% and get all the Mac apps you need for $69.

Prices subject to change.

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