Whether you're working from a distance, want a bigger screen for gaming when you log off after work, or want to keep all your personal apps on one screen and work on the other, a portable monitor offers some crucial extra space. That's why UPERFECT is running a sale for up to 15% off across its range of portable monitors, which regularly rack up hundreds of four and five-star reviews on Amazon and other shopping sites.

15.6" Portable Monitor

A versatile plug-in monitor with 1080p resolution, that can be used in landscape or portrait, this workhorse (pictured above), usually $219, is 10% off, or just $197.99.

15.6" QLED Portable Monitor

Quantum dot LEDs (QLEDs) have more brightness and color compared to standard LED monitors, producing more vivid scenes while playing games and streaming videos. You can save 10% on UPERFECT's version, making it just $224.99.

15.6" Battery Portable Monitor

If you're going to spend a long time away from outlets, your second screen should have its own battery. Typically $339, this monitor with its own onboard battery is just $289.99 after a 14% discount.

15.6" Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Perfect for creatives on the go, whiteboarding, and playing touchscreen games, this touch-enabled monitor has an MSRP of $399, but with 15% off, it's just $339.99.

15.6" 4K Monitor

Ideal for presentations, streaming, and detailed creative work, this 4K monitor, normally $339, is $305.99 with 10% off.

4K Portable Touchscreen Monitor

This top-rated touchscreen monitor packs a bright screen and sensitive touch in a crisp 4K package, and at 14% off, $419.99, it's the best tool for gamers and creatives alike.

13.3'' Portable Computer Display Monitor

If you've got a smaller laptop, or need a screen that more easily fits in your briefcase, you can save 14% on this versatile monitor, dropping the price from $229 to $195.99.

UPERFECT X True Portable Monitor 13.3" Touchscreen LapDock

The UPERFECT X might just be the brand's most innovative product yet, offering a unique dock that only requires you to connect your Android device. Suddenly, you instantly have a fully-featured laptop, keyboard, trackpad, and all. Usually $349.99, save 10% with this sale and turn your Android phone into a workstation for just $314.99.

Prices subject to change.

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