In times like these, looking after your money is essential. According to a recent survey, around half of us are worried about job security and 84% of people are scaling back on spending. 

One of the best ways to make your paycheck stretch further is by reducing your fixed monthly bills. To achieve this, you usually need to change your provider.

When it comes to insurance, many of us consider switching. But the thought of having to buy a new policy keeps us clinging to our existing policy. As a result, drivers collectively overpay for car insurance by $37 billion each year. That is a lot of money to throw away.

One reason big insurance brands have to charge a premium is because they love paperwork. In comparison to such dinosaurs, Clearcover looks like a shining glimpse of the future. 

This all-digital insurance company allows you to buy car insurance in minutes and manage your coverage, all online. Because the process is streamlined, you end up paying less for better coverage.

The Lemonade of car insurance

Over the past few years, many industries have been refreshed with new technology. 

One topical example is finance. Most banks now have user-friendly apps that allow you to manage your money on the go. Meanwhile, trading apps such as Robinhood allow small-time investors to buy and sell shares with just a tap.

Insurance is just starting to see the same transformation. It began with Lemonade, a digital insurance provider that focuses on home coverage. Clearcover is bringing the same modern approach to car insurance.

To get started with Clearcover, you simply visit the website and enter a few key details. The site leverages existing data and AI technology to build a profile instantly, meaning you don’t need to fill out endless forms.

In seconds, Clearcover provides a basic quote. You can then customize your coverage to suit your needs using simple checkboxes. As you adjust the coverage, the prices change automatically. 

It feels more like ordering from an online furniture store than buying insurance, with 65% of customers completing the process without a single call to customer service.

Of course, knowing exactly what coverage you are buying is important. For this reason, the website provides clear explanations at each stage.

For thousands of people, the end result is a significant saving for relatively little effort. One customer, Jessica M., wrote on Trustpilot:

“Switched to Clearcover after paying almost $200 with Progressive, even after all the discounts with being accident-free for eight years. Now I’m paying a little over $100 for the same exact coverage.”

Convenient and effective

Once you become a customer, you can also use the mobile app to submit claims from the roadside. Once again, the process is surprisingly simple: you just input some basic info and snap a few photos. Clearcover now offers the fastest claims experience in car insurance. Payments on eligible claims can be issued in minutes, not days and their current record is issuing payment within 13 minutes.

Jorge Robles, another Clearcover customer, experienced the process for himself after being involved in an accident. 

“When the accident happened, the first thing I thought was, 'Can they be reliable?' The Clearcover mobile app was easy to use to submit my claim." He also has annual savings of $1,340 compared to his previous insurer.

Check your price

If you would like to save on your car insurance and get better coverage, head over to Clearcover today to check your price.

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