• Turns out, the bot was a smashing success. Over nine months, the bot entered 165,000 contests and won 1000 of them. Most of the prizes were junk, but there was still a substantial haul of goods.
  • Scott provides a lot of details about how he was able to evade Twitter's bot hunters, such as limiting the number of users it followed and capping the number of retweets per hour. Still, he was savvy enough at evading getting banned by Twitter that he started retweeting messages that included "for every retweet I'll donate to charity."
  • It's a great example of how everything becoming automated -- even entering into silly sweepstakes online.


A full list of the swag Scott's bot won is available on his site. Here's a short excerpt (all sic):

  • pokeman crawdaunt
  • logo
  • steam copy of Dark Shadows: Army of Evil
  • Shiny Gastly (pokeman thing)
  • UFO Extraterrestrials Gold, Thunder Wolves, Puzzle Kingdoms & STORM: Frontline Nation on steam
  • pokeman thing
  • another pokeman thing
  • 2 more pokeman things
  • Xfinity Live at Bullies pub in Philly, PA
  • Tickets to Juicy J show in Toledo
  • Steam game pack
  • Don't Starve on Steam
  • Mystery prize from Bosvena, a pub in UK
  • yet another pokeman
  • more NFL coins
  • 3x Cleansing duo from Sothys
  • Anaheim Badge for Major League Gaming
  • another pokeman
The swag Scott's Twitter bot accumulated.

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