Now it seems like you won't need a whole exosuit to lift heavy objects. You'll just need a glove.

General Motors had revealed that it is partnering with Swedish med-tech company Bioservo to create the RoboGlove, a power-assisted gauntlet for factory workers.

The basis for RoboGlove has actually come from a previous GM partnership: Robonaut, the ISS humanoid robot made through a NASA-GM collaboration. Now, Robonaut's strength and grip has allowed the development of this glove.

The RoboGlove uses leading-edge sensors, actuators and tendons that are comparable to the nerves, muscles, and tendons in a human hand. This technology allows Roboglove to operate tools designed for humans, and achieve unprecedented dexterity.

“Combining the best of three worlds – space technology from NASA, engineering from GM and medtech from Bioservo – in a new industrial glove could lead to industrial scale use of the technology,” said Tomas Ward, CEO of Bioservo Technologies in a press release.

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