Gaming of the Future: HTC Launches Viveland, A Virtual Reality Arcade

This arcade features VR games, but you still need real quarters to play.

Dom GaleonNovember 2nd 2016

HTC is reviving the arcade experience with Viveland, the company’s new virtual reality (VR) arcade featuring the HTC Vive headset. The arcade was launched last weekend in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, in partnership with Syntrend, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and SteelSeries.

Viveland occupies 330 square meters (395 square yards) of the third floor of Syntrend Creative Park, and it showcases more than 20 different VR gaming experiences. Visitors can enjoy games like Fruit Ninja VR or Everest VR starting at NT$200 ($6.35 USD) per 15-minute session.

Credits: HTC
Credits: HTC

The attraction also features four uniquely themed zones, including one for HTC’s very own first-person shooter war game Front Defense. Other zones highlight Project CARS, The Walk, and an alien shooter known as Bounty VR in 4D. Then there’s a mixed-reality zone with a green screen that allows you to record your gaming session and bring it home with you. The cost to use these zones ranges from NT$150 to NT$300 ($4.76 to $9.53 USD) with differing session lengths.

Though it’s not the first VR theme park, HTC’s Viveland demonstrates the modern draw of VR, AR, and MR. While the technology has seen uses in other fields, from politics to medicine, its origin is in gaming, and people are still very excited to use it to change the way they relate to the world and experience reality like never before.

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