The latest controversy tearing through the gaming universe has to do with pricing. The standard price of major platform video games is crawling towards $70, which puts gaming among the most expensive hobbies that don’t involve collecting yachts or paintings. So if you’ve ever thought there must be a better way to play your favorite games without spending hundreds of dollars a month, you’re right. It’s GameFly, the monthly subscription service that's like old-school Netflix for physical copies of video games.

GameFly is a disc rental subscription service that sends you games in the mail. You add the titles you want to your queue, and GameFly sends you your top choices as they become available. You play the games you have for as long as you want, and when you’re finished, you send them back and move onto the next one, with no late fees or deadlines. And if you fall in love with a game and want to buy it, you can do that too instead of returning it, since many of the titles in GameFly’s library are available to buy at a discount.

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There are three different GameFly price tiers to choose from, with options to have either one or two games out per month. If you only want one at a time, you can choose between a promotional introductory discount or a one-month free trial. The former costs $9.50 per month for the first three months and $15.95 after that. And the 30-day free trial option is, of course, free for the first month, and just $15.95 after that. If you’d prefer to have two games at a time, you can get that plan for $13.50 for the first three months, and $22.95 per month afterward.

All GameFly plans come with unlimited rentals, free shipping, and a $5 reward voucher for purchasing used games every three months. After six months with the service, you’ll get a permanent five-percent discount on used games, and after 12 months, you’ll get a ten-percent discount, allowing even more savings to stack up in your favor the longer you subscribe.

GameFly offers games for all the major consoles and even a few classic games for older ones like the Gamecube and the Wii. They also have movies in stock, which means you might be able to replace your usual movie sources with a GameFly subscription and save even more money.

Compared to buying new, the savings offered by GameFly are obvious. If you purchased just one new game for $60 each month, you’d have spent $180 over three months, while a GameFly subscription will cost you as little as $28.50 over that same period -- and the premium plan at two discs at a time will cost just $40.50. And that doesn’t include all the discounts and incentives you’ll get from buying your favorite games used through GameFly.

You can sign up for your new monthly plan at the official GameFly site right now. You can also purchase consoles, accessories, and even collectibles. Or, if you have some kind of money phobia, you can just keep buying games new and selling them for pennies after you’re finished. The choice is yours.

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