• Apple's actual entrance into the car will involve a series of calculated steps, starting with CarPlay, an in-car dashboard that lets drivers plug in their iPhones for music, maps, messaging, calling, and Siri voice control. CarPlay will be rolled out to consumers this year through more than 20 carmakers and reportedly will be available by year's end as a standalone console for older cars.
  • Next, Apple's prowess in the infotainment business will spread to the rest of the automotive interior as the company applies its celebrated design credentials to everything from additional car interfaces to ergonomics, dials and controls.
  • Apple's auto takeover could take five to 10 years to engineer a new electronic vehicle -- but Morgan Stanley sees Apple applying some of its phone-producing strategies to creating cars, meaning it will likely do the design and development work in-house, but outsource the production and assembly. Apple may also get involved through a co-branded car developed in partnership with an experienced automaker.

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