The Breakthrough

Founder Vitalik Buterin writes that the Etherium project is " in a time of complicated transition," although he does point out that the Etherium blockchain has "$50 million worth of value" on it. However, going forward, many of the early Etherium developers will start businesses based on Etherium, and he is looking to create an Etherium foundation that can continue to drive development of the currency -- so he's raising money.

The Implications

However, the note does point out a number of Etherium applications that already exist. From his post:

Augur: a prediction market that has earned $4.5 million in its recent (and still ongoing) crowdsale

GroupGnosis: another prediction market being developed by Consensys which is already processing bets on the Ethereum block difficulty, sports games, and soon presidential elections

Embark: a NodeJS-based dapp development, testing and deployment framework

Truffle: another dapp development, testing and deployment framework a block explorer another block explorer

TradeBlock: did I forget to say there’s another ethereum block explorer?

EtherEx: an Ethereum-based asset exchange

The web-based integrated development environment (coming soon) an online ether wallet

The Ethereum Java implementation (for which original work was done under the Foundation, but which is now continuing completely independently)

And the Ethereum Haskell implementation, this time with none of our involvement at all!

MyEtherWallet: another ether wallet

Metamask: an ethereum browser-in-a-browser

Andreas Oloffson’s development tutorials

The first data feed contract

Ethereum Alarm Clock, an implementation of one our major planned features for Ethereum 1.1, but as a decentralized middleware service right on the 1.0 Ethereum blockchain! a webpage listing many of the above, and more (no, I won’t mention the ponzies and gambling sites, except insofar as to credit Martin Holst Swende’s wonderful work in documenting the perils of building a blockchain-based casino with a bad random number generator, and Qian Youcai’s ongoing work on RANDAO to make this situation better).

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