The Breakthrough

The UV-light enabled catheter was designed to fix holes in the heart using a biodegradable adhesive and patch. The adhesive and patch simply fit inside the patient's veins, and are then guided directly to the heart, eliminating the need for open heart surgery and cutting heart tissue. The UV-light enabled catheter places the patch onto the beating heart and activates its adhesive, which will eventually dissolve when no longer needed while still allowing heart tissue to grow around it.

The Implications

Pedro del Nido, MD, contributor to the study, says that "the way the glue works in the face of blood is revolutionary," opening to the possibility that it can be used in other cardiac procedures. Additionally, the new technology is also seen as a new platform for closing wounds all over the body. This collaboration between hospitals can jumpstart research on minimally invasive procedures of which patients can benefit from in the future.

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