The internet has done some great things, yet it's also enabled an invasion of personal privacy to a degree unparalleled in human history. But it's not something you have to just accept. Optery Data Broker Removal helps you find, track, and remove data brokers from your online life. Valued at $119, a 1-year subscription is now on sale for just $49. 

The Unseen Snoops

Even the most careful of us on the internet can, over time, leave enough data behind to form a detailed picture. Materials like quizzes, publicly posted resumes, abandoned social media profiles, and other information is aggregated into a profile that's often sold to anybody willing to pay for it. None of it is fact checked for accuracy, adding another problem to the invasion of privacy.

Information available online can include your current address, age, family members, contact information, and even photos of you. Whether you're concerned about troublemakers or just would prefer a measure of privacy, it can be troubling to see the data in action. 

Taking Back Privacy

Optery helps you by automating the process of opting out and removing data. Most data brokers work on the idea that you've agreed to sharing through terms of service or some other mechanism, and they're required to provide you a way to opt out. They don't make it easy, but Optery does.

Optery earned 5/5 stars on Product Hunt because it effectively helps you remove data from more than 150 different data brokers, and then maintains the opt-outs and refreshes deletion requests on a regular basis. It also protects your data by creating email addresses for you, so brokers can't tie your deletion requests to your private email.

You can monitor it all in real time using the dashboard, with a full report on who's selling your data and what they're putting out there. And then you can remove it for good.

Get an Optery Data Broker Removal: 1-Year Subscription for $49 (reg. $119).

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