Every day, millions of people rely on stimulants like Adderall to help them maintain attention and stay focused on tasks. Unfortunately, while these stimulants work well, they often come with a lot of side effects. Moreover, when you use them for a prolonged period of time, you start to build up a tolerance. And unless you can find a way to reduce that tolerance, you’ll be forced to up your dosage in order to maintain their effectivness. But here’s the good news. There actually is a very simple way to reduce tolerance to stimulants like Adderall. A pair of nutritional supplements found in the Recoop Wellness Set are specifically designed to counteract the negative side effects of stimulants, including Adderall, and help reduce tolerance.

The Tolerance Problem

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Prescription stimulants like Adderall often come with unwanted side effects. These can include things like anxiety, irritability, insomnia, poor impulse control, loss of appetite, dry mouth, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and fever. However, another huge problem that often gets overlooked is tolerance. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, tolerance to a drug is the biological process in which the body gets used to the presence of the drug over time and stops responding to it in the same way. In the case of a stimulant like Adderall, what this means is that the longer you take it, the less effective it becomes.

So how does someone who legitimately needs prescription stimulants combat tolerance? Some people just steadily increase their dosage. But of course, there’s only so so much you safely can take, so this is not a permanent solution. That’s why some people try to “detox” in the hope that they can start fresh at a lower dose, while other people try switching to a different stimulant. However, if you are generally happy with the way your prescription works for you, none of these are ideal solutions. What you really want is to figure out a way to maintain the status quo.

For a long time, there simply was no real way to do that. However, that’s not the case any more thanks to Recoop.

The Recoop Wellness Set

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The Recoop Wellness Set consists of two nutritional supplements called Recoop Balance and Recoop Recovery. Both were originally designed to counteract the side effects of central stimulants and restore balance to your brain with research-backed ingredients. Recoop Balance is formulated to be taken before stimulants and improve impulse control, combat irritability, lift mood, reduce anxiety, and boost productivity. Recoop Recovery is formulated to help you wind down at night and fall into a deep and highly restorative sleep.

The ingredients in Recoop were chosen for their unique abilities to detoxify, relieve stress, enhance cognition, improve focus, promote neurogenesis, regulate sleep rhythms, and boost mood, among other things. However, over time, what a lot of Recoop customers discovered was that these supplements are also extremely helpful in reducing their tolerance to drugs like Adderall. Many reported that Recoop helped them maintain their current dosages. Some even reported that they were able to reduce the amount they were taking.

So how does the Recoop Wellness Set help prevent your body from building up a tolerance to stimulants like Adderall? The short answer is that Recoop helps replenish nutrients that get lost when you take stimulants, helping the body restore and heal itself, thus reducing the long-term negative effects of stimulants and the build up of tolerance. And of particular importance on this front are ingredients like magnesium and curcumin.

Magnesium is a mineral that plays an essential role in the biochemical reactions performed by enzymes. These include converting food into energy, creating and repairing DNA, and regulating neurotransmitters. There are also studies that suggest magnesium deficiencies can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as addiction. By providing your body with extra magnesium, you are making sure your brain has the maximum support it needs to reduce Adderall dependency and tolerance.

Curcumin has been used in India for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Found in the spice tumeric, it contains natural polyphenol compounds called curcuminoids that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. Recent evidence also suggests that curcumin can increase cognitive performance and enhance neurogenesis. Perhaps most importantly, some studies have shown that curcumin can reduce opioid tolerance by inhibiting Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein. Since Ca2+ can also play a role in the functioning of amphetamines, it’s possible curcumin also plays a role in reducing tolerance to Adderall.

Prevent Adderall/Stimulant Tolerance With Recoop

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If you rely on prescription stimulants like Adderall to stay focused and get things done, but you’re worried that you’re starting to build up too much of a tolerance, you need to try Recoop. When taken regularly over the course of several months, this groundbreaking nutritional supplement has been shown to help users avoid increasing their dosages. And of course, it also helps prevent a number of other negative side effects, both short and long-term.

So click here to learn more, and to order the Recoop Wellness Set, today.

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