Everyone knows that a mother's milk contains the essential components that help us grow from chubby babies into strong, healthy, intelligent adults. However, scientists have discovered that many of the same components in breast milk that help babies can also aid adults in a variety of ways. Research out of UC San Diego Health Services has found human milk fights immune disorders, viral and bacterial pathogens, and chronic inflammation. If you're ready to biohack your body with the help of human milk, you need to know about Trulacta, the world's first daily supplement made from 100-percent human milk.

What Is Trulacta?


Trulacta is a revolutionary supplement that's made of 100-percent human milk. It's the first all-in-one natural supplement of its kind that boosts immunity, supports better sleep, and improves digestive health and overall mental well-being. With Trulacta you're consuming countless bionutrients in one revolutionary supplement. Trulacta is the only supplement that contains natural Human Milk Bionutrients or HMBs, which are naturally in tune with the body.

How it works is easy. Just take two Trulacta capsules daily for optimal results. You can take them any time of day, with or without a meal. Plus, if you're looking to enhance your sleep routine, start by taking two capsules an hour before bed. You'll never feel more rested than you will be ending your day with Trulacta.

Why Trulacta Human Milk Supplement?

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Trulacta is the only supplement of its kind to contain 100-percent human milk - providing exceptional whole-body health that starts with good gut health. It's designed to help you obtain whole-body health just as nature intended. The natural HMBs in Trulacta offer vital protection for the whole body and mind. That way you feel better, sleep better and live better thanks to Trulacta.

Trulacta is designed to help your body function better overall. This includes:

Optimizing Digestion: The human milk in Trulacta protects the digestive system and optimizes nutrient absorption by helping good bacteria thrive.

Improving Mental Health: The key to a better mood could be improved gut health. 100 million nerve cells support the communication of the gut and the brain, and because Trulacta optimizes gut health, it could help your mood too.

Immune System Support: Trulacta's Human Milk Bionutrients (HMBs) include several forms of antibodies - referred to as immunoglobins. With about 70 percent of the immune system located in the walls of the gut, Trulacta optimizes digestive health, improving the immune system.

Better Sleep: Human milk helps restore and maintain the body's natural circadian rhythms that regulate sleep - so you easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Reduced Inflammation: The extracellular vesicle components found in human milk control inflammation and regulate cell growth.

The Science Behind Trulacta

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Trulacta works with milk banks that thoroughly screen donors’ blood for pathogens, sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, and contagious illnesses. They screen donations through a 13-step, quality-control process. That process includes microbial testing, protein analysis, and toxicology screening. All donations also meet federal regulations for supplements. If a donation doesn't pass each test, it is rejected by the milk bank.

Trulacta’s Innovative BioManufacturing Process kills any potentially harmful microbes and viruses while maintaining the integrity of HMBs that pasteurizing would otherwise remove. That allows the many healthy components in HMBs to survive. For the benefit of the body. All backed by science and thorough testing.

Most importantly, Trulacta is 100-percent natural and 100-percent vegan. It's the only supplement of its kind that is derived from 100-percent human milk and contains natural HMBs. That's because it's made from the body and is for the body. All that and your purchase ships free! So what are you waiting for? Let Trulacta revolutionize what your daily supplement can you for you.

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