There are more online investing platforms to choose from than ever before. Unfortunately, while these platforms are all driven by advanced analytics, most of them are DIY services that give you very little input from actual human beings. And that’s pretty crazy when you stop and think about it. With all the different investing options available, planning for your financial future is as complicated as it has ever been, and no two investors are exactly alike. Instead  of using the latest advancements in fintech to remove human advisors from the equation, we should be using it to make a personal financial advisor accessible to more people. Luckily, there is one company out to do just that. They’re called Farther, and they’re goal is to provide regular investors the kind of full service wealth management that was previously only available to billionaires.

Farther Is A Digital Financial Advisor For Everyone

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As you probably know, ultra-high-net-worth investors do not invest their money at regular financial services firms, and they certainly don’t manage their investments themselves through various online platforms. Instead they use what’s known in the financial services industry as a “family office,” which is a full-service private wealth management service that manages every aspect of a wealthy individual or family’s finances, from financial planning and investing, to accounting, budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer, and tax services.

In an ideal world everybody would opt to have a family office run their financial life. However, until now this holistic approach to wealth management was only available to people with generational wealth. But now Farther is out to change the game.

How can Farther offer this of service to regular investors? By making better use of the latest financial technologies. At Farther, they let the tech do all the things it is really good at, from cash growth prioritization and algorithmically-managed goals-based portfolios, to tax-reducing strategies powered by data and automation. This frees up their human advisors to do the things they’re really good at, like talking to clients about what they hope to achieve financially, and helping them create bespoke portfolios and accounts uniquely suited to their goals. The result is a “family office” experience for regular people with truly holistic financial planning services that include not just investing, but estate planning, charitable giving strategies, insurance, tuition planning, and strategic tax reduction services.

What You Get When You Invest With Farther

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Farther uses a team of experienced financial advisers who are empowered by the latest data, tools, and financial technology to help you grow your wealth. With no commissions, no hidden fees, and no proprietary products, their only goal is to do what’s in your best interest and give you peace of mind so you can focus on all the other stuff that matters in your life.

When you invest with Farther, the first thing you do is get matched with a dedicated personal advisor. You then tell your advisor your financial goals—whether it’s owning a vacation home, planning for your kids college tuition, building a nest egg, or traveling the globe—and they’ll help then help you set up goal-based accounts, such as an emergency fund, IRA, and customized investment portfolios.

All Farther portfolios are backed by the latest fintech that helps maximize your wealth and minimize taxes. This includes daily “smart rebalancing,” which reduces your risk of overexposure by automatically rebalancing your portfolio. It also includes “savings waterfalls,” which spreads out or “cascades” new money across your various accounts in a way that reduces your taxes and stretches your earning potential.

And of course, Farther uses technology to make everything simple and easy to understand. By linking your banks accounts, investment accounts, and debt accounts all in one place, they make it easy for you to log on and see the big picture.

Your financial life has a lot of moving parts. Between investing, savings, debt, insurance, taxes, tuition, and charitable giving, it’s simply too much to manage on your own. Now, thanks to Farther, you can actually afford to get the kind of financial help billionaires have been getting since, well, forever. So don’t wait around and risk losing money by managing your investments yourself. Click here and go farther with Farther today.

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