Sprocket the Cat

A design innovation researcher at the Glasgow School of Art named Fergus Fullarton Pegg designed a 3D-printed orthosis for his young cat Sprocket after it was hit by a car and mauled by a dog six weeks later. After the incidents, Sprocket was unable to move freely and had suffered serious nerve damage. Using a Formlabs 3D printed and under the guidance of a vet, Pegg outfitted his cat with the brace, preventing the need for amputation. The brace is able to support and protect the leg without placing any additional pressure on it.

Cleopatra the Tortoise

A teenaged leopard tortoise named Cleopatra was also given a 3D-printed prosthetic shell after suffering from a painful disease making the shell grow erratically. Roger Henry, a Colorado Technical University student designed a 3D-printed prosthetic shell for the turtle. “"I heard this tortoise was damaged, needed some help and it seemed like the right thing to do,” said Henry. The lightweight shell is attached using velcro and is only worn when around other tortoises, allowing her natural shell to regrow within a couple of years with the help a healthy diet and optimum temperatures.

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