Nobody can predict exactly what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. Will we one day use bitcoin or ethereum to buy everything from cars and houses to coffee and bubble gum? Or will cryptocurrencies remain investment vehicles primarily used to grow wealth, like stocks and bonds? The answers to these questions are unclear. The only thing we know for sure is that cryptocurrencies are not going away. So if you don’t want to miss out, the time to get in the game is now. And the best way to do that is with a reputable crypto trading platform like eToro that can provide you with all the innovative tools you need to build a diversified crypto portfolio.

Recent Trends In Crypto Trading

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Ten years ago, most financial experts thought cryptocurrencies were just a fad. They certainly wouldn’t have advised their clients to invest in them. But a lot has changed since then. In fact, a lot has changed in just the last few months.

After selling almost $1 billion in Bitcoin futures in November 2020, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange started trading Ethereum futures in February, which has dramatically increased trade volume for the world’s second-most popular cryptocurrency. Venmo now allows its 70-million users to buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin for as little as $1. Companies like Tesla, Mastercard, and Visa have announced they will soon accept payments in crypto. And investment giants like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanely now allow their wealthiest clients to invest in digital assets.

Of course, the biggest crypto news in the last few months—or maybe ever—is the Coinbase IPO. Shares of the popular crypto marketplace became available on the Nasdaq last month at an initial price of $381, driving the company’s valuation to almost $100 billion. For comparison, that’s roughly what Facebook was worth when it did its IPO back in 2012.

Given these developments, it’s no wonder a lot of experts are now pretty bullish on the future of cryptocurrencies. Legendary investor Mark Mobius, the cofounder of Mobius Capital Partners who once proclaimed bitcoin a “fraud," now believes crypto will be "alive and well" in the future. Meanwhile, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban recently proclaimed cryptocurrencies “the future,” and his Dallas Mavericks have started accepting them as payment for tickets and merchandise.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in crypto for a while, now is definitely the time to take the leap. However, investing in crypto can be pretty complicated and intimidating, and a lot of trading platforms only cater to experts who already know what they’re doing.

Luckily, eToro is not like other crypto trading platforms.


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When you sign up with eToro, you will be able to buy and sell 17 of the most popular coins, including bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, and litecoin. The fees are some of the most competitive in the industry, and they are all listed right up front, so there are never any surprises. However, what really makes eToro unique is the set of tools they provide to help you create your portfolio.

You see, eToro is what you might call a social trading platform. They allow their investors to connect and interact like they would on social media, pooling knowledge and sharing investing tips and strategies. The intuitive eToro app features a newsfeed that lets you follow market trends in real time, as well as customizable notifications that alert you to new developments about coins on your “watch list.” It also allows you to view millions of other traders’ portfolios, stats, and risk scores, and to chat with them and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

When it comes to making trades, eToro gives you a variety of options. Those who like to do things themselves can make manual trades using the apps clean and intuitive interface. EToro even has a “virtual portfolio” feature to help you practice and hone your strategies before you invest actual money. However, for those who want to leverage the full power of eToro’s social trading platform, there’s the revolutionary CopyTrader feature.

CopyTrader lets you browse eToro’s top-performing traders, figure out which strategies appeal to you, and automatically copy all of their trades with a single click. Choose one trader to copy, or 100 traders to copy. This amazing feature comes at no extra charge. All you have to do is choose the amount of money you want to dedicate to automatically copying other traders. And you can stop, pause, add, or remove funds at any time.

Get Started On eToro Today

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When you trade with eToro, you trade with total confidence. Not only does eToro use industry-leading security protocols, but all funds held at eToro USA are FDIC insured. That means no hacker is going to steal your money.

If you think it might be time to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio, there’s no better place to start than eToro. Click here to sign up, today.

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