The Future of Automobiles

Mysterious California-based company Faraday Future just announced a $1 billion investment plan for the creation of its manufacturing facility. They are currently scouting location options, which include California, Louisiana, Nevada or Georgia. “Producing our forward-looking and fully-connected electric vehicles not only requires the latest technology, but the right community partner,” says Faraday SVP Nick Sampson. Very little is currently known about the company apart from its hopes of launching their electric car by 2017 and for having poached some of the top talents from leading automotive brands such as BMW and Tesla Motors.

Faraday Future

In addition to producing electric vehicles, “[it] plans to explore other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership and usage models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving." No specific announcements have been made about the unveiling yet, but the investment announcement is a tangible step towards Faraday Future’s 100% electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalized automobile.

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