Elon Musk just hinted at some of Tesla's plans for Supercharging stations on Twitter over the holidays. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO, in response to a question from Electrek's Frederic Lambert, talked about possible new features, including a new Supercharger V3.

Other players in the have already joined forces to develop powerful charging stations of their own in Europe, eyeing a power output of around 350 kW.

While the power output of  Tesla's Superchargers clock out at around 145 kW, the next generation would most likely exceed the industry goal. This output, along with the upcoming Powerpack V2, promises to recharge EVs at greater speeds—possibly taking only as much time as filling up traditional cars at the gas station.

The year 2016 has indeed been a great one for EVs, with more people making the switch from gas-fueled to electric-powered modes of transport.  Slowly, electric cars are catching up with traditional ones in terms of performance. More long range models are becoming available, affordable alternatives are continuing to pop up, and battery power is developing at an extremely rapid pace. Indeed, the future of the electric car is bright.

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