Elon Musk: Entrepreneur. Innovator. Humanitarian. Contender for the worst April Fool's joke of all time.

It all started, as many of Musk's antics tend to, with a series of tweets:


Good one, Elon. Except that maybe... this Tweet was a bit too prescient.

The next day, Tesla's stock fell 7 percent, dropping to $248 per share. That's a 36 percent decrease from the company's peak value of $389, which it hit last summer.

Whether the drop was a reaction to Musk's April Fools' prank or simply the market doing its thing, no one can say. But if comedy is all about timing, Musk's was too soon.


You gotta admit, it's a bold thing to say, especially for a man who heads a company that has:

  • More than $10 billion in debt
  • Just wrapped its worst month on the stock market in seven years
  • Recalled a massive number of vehicles just three days prior
  • Missed yet another production milestone
  • Faced scrutiny for the recent death of a driver of a vehicle in autonomous mode

And, oh:

Maybe next year Elon should pick something else to joke about on April Fools' Day.

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