Think that electric cars are too expensive? Think that automakers will never make the switch from other forms of energy because it will just cost too much? Well, think again.

If some members of the Dutch parliament have their way, consumers in the Netherlands will only be able to purchase electric cars. Companies will have no choice but to make the switch, as parliament is looking to approve a ban on gas and diesel cars. This would be the European country’s first step towards ensuring that only zero-emission cars will be on its roads in the future.

The move received very strong opposition from the VVD (people’s party for freedom and democracy), but the PvdA (labor party) supports the motion that will effectively phase out gas-guzzlers on the street by banning the sale of them altogether.

Paul Vreeker


The talks come after the country pledged cutting vehicle emissions at the UN Conference on Climate Change, which was hosted in Paris last year. Ten North American states/provinces and three other countries—Germany, Norway, and the U.K.—have since joined the International Zero-Emission vehicle (ZEV) Alliance, which is a commitment to make all car sales sustainable and eco-friendly by 2050.

And indeed, it seems that the change is spreading.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court in Delhi extended a ban on the sale of high-end diesel cars until they could orchestrate the next hearing in the case. One of the three judges hearing the case, Chief Justice of India TS Thakur, said that the court is seriously considering whether or not to impose a long-term, permanent ban.

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