Smart Palm

Dubai has installed "Smart Palm Trees" that serve as community tech hubs all over the city. The palm trees provide city information, free-wifi, and gadget charging, with each tree generating 7.2 kilowatt hours of green electricity through its solar panels. These mono crystal solar powers are able to generate power at up to 21% efficiency, and can produce enough for "daytime functionality and nighttime lighting." The latest version of the Smart Palm is also 3D-printed with Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), making it lighter, more durable, and more adaptable to the Middle East's harsh weather conditions. The devices also have ultraviolet and humidity protection to reduce the need for maintenance.

Plans for a Smart City

These Smart Palm trees are just part of Dubai's bigger plan to increase green energy across the city. The United Arab Emirates has also deemed 2015 as their "Year of Innovation," and with Dubai's other initiatives the city expects to become even more technologically advanced in the years to come. In the next 12 months 103 Smart Palm Trees are expected to be installed all across Dubai.

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