No matter how the world changes, there's a lot to be said for doing it yourself. From fixing your own gear to collecting scientific data with tools built from Legos, there's plenty of room for the makers in our seemingly prefab world. This seven-course bundle shows you how to use ESP32 and Arduino software to build your own Internet of Things (IoT), and it's available for just $24.99.

The Educational Engineering Team was founded in 2010 to teach both newbies and experienced engineers about the power of these unassuming chips. Microcontrollers are designed as focused computers that do relatively simple tasks and drive a huge array of systems that you use almost every day. If you've used anything with automated functions connected to a sensor today, it likely had a microcontroller running the show.

The seven courses in this bundle are focused on the ESP32. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), they're a perfect entry into the world of the Internet of Things and embedding microcontrollers in your project. First, you'll learn the basics of the ESP32 and how it fits into IoT ecosystems.

Then, you'll learn how to program them without using code and engaging with the different modules on the chip. From there, you'll learn how to use it with the Arduino and Blynk platforms; how to create a private web server to run tasks in your smart home; create a tool that sends you an email alert whenever a sensor is triggered; and how to connect and use the ESP32 in conjunction with databases to automate more complex tasks. All of this is taught through doing, so you can get up to speed and start making quickly.

Every course is rated a minimum of 4/5 stars by its students, so subscribers can count on a consistent quality throughout the whole collection of educational materials.

Makers, hobbyists, and anybody who's curious about how the world is changing around them thanks to microcontrollers can get this bundle for just $24.99, 98% off the MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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