Video game company Square Enix and its subsidiary Eidos-Montréal teamed up with low-cost prosthetic company Open Bionics, Intel, and Razer to give amputees two Deus Ex-inspired prosthetic arm designs: the Adam Jensen Arm, based on the hero of Mankind Divided, and the Deus Ex Universe Arm.

The Adam Jensen Arm is fully functional with flexing fingers and a rotating wrist, while the Deus Ex Universe arm is sharper, geometric, and more sinister-looking.

Video game-inspired prosthetics have been making a huge buzz recently, and have been giving amputees a renewed outlook on their condition.

This could be a mainstream opener for human augmentation, especially in the midst of controversies over AI-- whether or not they would be a threat to humanity, or if we should try to achieve symbiosis with machines.

And the best part--these designs are royalty-free. Anyone can 3D print their own bionic arms using the designs and be a total badass.

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