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Deus Ex-Inspired Prosthetic Arms Coming Next Year

The designs are even open source, meaning anyone can 3D print one.

Cecille De JesusJune 10th 2016

Video game company Square Enix and its subsidiary Eidos-Montréal teamed up with low-cost prosthetic company Open Bionics, Intel, and Razer to give amputees two Deus Ex-inspired prosthetic arm designs: the Adam Jensen Arm, based on the hero of Mankind Divided, and the Deus Ex Universe Arm.

Feast your eyes on this.

The Adam Jensen Arm is fully functional with flexing fingers and a rotating wrist, while the Deus Ex Universe arm is sharper, geometric, and more sinister-looking.

Video game-inspired prosthetics have been making a huge buzz recently, and have been giving amputees a renewed outlook on their condition.

This could be a mainstream opener for human augmentation, especially in the midst of controversies over AI– whether or not they would be a threat to humanity, or if we should try to achieve symbiosis with machines.

And the best part–these designs are royalty-free. Anyone can 3D print their own bionic arms using the designs and be a total badass.

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