One of the central ironies of modern life is that writing has become more important than ever before. Even the most visual social media uses text, we send emails constantly, and text our friends rather than call. Handwriting is even becoming a valuable diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders. The Award-Winning ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle will help you become a sharper, more concise writer, whether you're writing the next great novel or just want to write a better email.

ProWritingAid is more than just a grammar and style checker, although it has top-of-class tools to help you with those. It's also an editor and a writing mentor you can set up anywhere, even in your browser. As you write, it offers real-time feedback, so you can correct errors and deliver clearer prose as you go along, and tools such as Word Explorer and a contextual thesaurus so you always find the right word. You'll also get in-depth writing reports that go deeper, helping you refine your writing style over time and deliver writing that's clear, to the point, and useful for your audience.

The bundle also includes a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid University, a comprehensive self-paced writing school designed to give even the most experienced writer challenges to hone their skills. It offers a practical system to approach both fiction and non-fiction, with live writing workshops featuring professionals across the publishing industry. You'll hear from editors, book doctors, copywriters, and publishing marketing experts to understand every facet of the industry. And every class and workshop has been archived, so you can go through and get caught up on different styles and genres.

Generally, to get a lifetime subscription to both services, you'd pay $1899. Yet right now, you can save 89% and get both for $199.

Prices subject to change.

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