We all want to wield a lightsaber, and slowly but surely, citizen scientists and engineers are making it happen. But if cracking open industrial lasers or building a plasma torch seems a bit excessive for your cosplay or your next Halloween costume, the Cyber Blade Dagger Laser Sword gives you all the fun without any risk of losing your hand. You can grab one on sale for just $106.99 (reg. $145).

An Elegant Prop For A Civilized Costume

This sword prop is engineered to be easy to use, so you can stay in character. The 8-inch hilt is made of aerospace-grade aluminum that's precision-milled to offer an ergonomic grip. The 22.83" blade is a durable plastic that can be swapped out with ease and take even the toughest duel of the fates. And it's long-lasting, as the 1,200 mAh battery is recharged via USB and the included cord. After all, a Sith doesn't pause, look at his saber, and then start fumbling for a pack of batteries. You'll also be alerted when the battery is low, so you can conserve power when you need to.

A More Vivid Halloween

All of this is in service to a wide range of effects. First of all, you have your choice of 11 colors for your blade, projected by long-lasting LEDs, including all the colors from your favorite Force-wielders.

You can tweak the light effects as well, giving your blade a flame effect, a heartbeat-style pulsing, a gentle breathing effect, and more. All of this is paired with sound effects triggered as you swing or move around that adds to the verisimilitude of your costume. And you can swing with confidence as everything is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. If you're looking for a way to give your cosplay an edge, this dagger will add just the right note.

Get the Cyber Blade Dagger Laser Sword for $106.99 (reg. $145).

Prices subject to change.

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