Now that electric vehicles are a reality, and self-driving technology continues to get better and better, the industry is raising the bar of transportation design and concept with the introduction of the Cyclotron.

The Cyclotron, a concept created by Charles Bombardier with Ashish Thulkar, was inspired by the Tron Light Cycle and Lit Motors’ self-balancing CI. The autonomous vehicle is meant to operate in any weather, efficiently running on electricity. The motorcycle is enclosed, allowing two passengers to sit comfortably in adjustable seats facing each other, giving them the opportunity to relax and chat. 

Ashish Thulkar

Because it’s fully autonomous, there’s no need to worry about driving the vehicle. And to keep it stable, it uses a gyroscopic system, even while stationary. For winter driving conditions, the electric motor allows for both wheels to run to improve traction and recharges using wireless power transfer.

The concept motorcycle can work as a personal vehicle or a shared transit system, which could significantly help with the traffic congestion in major cities.

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