Have you ever dreamed of vacationing among the stars? Well, soon that daydream could become a reality. Axiom Space (who intends to build the Axiom International Commercial Space Center) along with Bigelow Aerospace predict that, by the year 2020, they will have completed the building of commercial, private space habitats that might one day replace the International Space Station (ISS). While this might seem like a daunting shift, there are many incredible advantages to privatizing spaceflight.

Currently, the ISS is set to receive funding only through the year 2024. Depending on government assistance, that funding might not be renewed. And, either way, the ISS is currently a resource only available to very select few scientists. And while it has allowed for incredible achievements and developments in science and research, increasing access to such a resource could allow for a more harmonized global community of scientists.

Image credit: Axiom Space

A completely privatized space center would be available to anyone. Any nation, organization, or individual would be able to gain access. It could be an international hub that would support the exploration of outer space, along with research to help us understand life on our own planet better. The privatization would allow those who are financially capable to experience and understand the majesty of outer space, while also financially enabling the progression of science for researchers from all nations. The more minds that can work together, the better.

This would be a drastic shift from how current efforts towards space exploration are made. And while this would be a serious change, Axiom thinks that this could be a "historic shift" in the way that we approach humans in space. The year 2020 is fast approaching, and while the concept of a "space hub" where all who are able can go to explore and support research seems lofty and out of a science-fiction movie, it will soon become a part of our future reality.

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