Video games have gone from nerd hobby to the mainstream, offering test beds for new technologies and giving us digital tools to explore real-life problems. Learning to build games is both a fun and productive hobby and a new career, and this pay-what-you-want bundle makes it easy to get started with ten courses that explore coding and design in gaming.

These courses are offered by Zenva Academy, which is dedicated to teaching people to code by making it fun. The academy follows a "learn by doing" model reflected in the bundle, where you'll program different types of games, such as idle games and platformers, alongside Zenva's experienced team of instructors. You'll not only learn how to build games but also develop a better understanding of how different platforms work and a better appreciation of code, building up to two courses on Python and Java fundamentals. This will not only lay the intellectual groundwork for more complex games but for different forms of coding as well.

With this bundle, as people choose what they'll pay, we track the average and put those who contribute the most on the leaderboard. You can pay strictly what you want and get a portion of the bundle to get you started on your game development journey, perfect if you want to get your feet wet and pick up more courses later. If you want to explore the whole bundle, just beat the average price to take the whole bundle home.

Finally, if you make it onto the leaderboard, you'll get one entry in our incredible $5,000 cash giveaway. Top the leaderboard at any point, and you'll get five entries!

Gaming is a great window not just into our inner worlds, but also into coding, art, and much more. And with this bundle, you can potentially pay up to 99% off.

Price subject to change.

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