Earlier this year, X owner Elon Musk announced the creation of a new AI venture dubbed xAI.

The newly-created company wasted no time in unveiling its first AI model, dubbed Grok, an astoundingly vulgar dad joke generator that was allegedly trained on posts submitted by X users.

To hype up its AI model, X CEO Linda Yaccarino took to the platform today to send out a befuddling message.

"Welcome to the world Grok — the ultimate ride or die," she tweeted, in a message that immediately generated a tsunami of mockery.

We still genuinely can't make heads or tails of her cryptic message. What makes Grok a ride or die? Is she implying this is the company's last-ditch effort before it drowns in debt interest payments? What exactly makes Grok a "ride or die" — a dated term that usually refers to an extremely loyal person — and why would that even be a desirable trait?

Naturally, people on the social network had a field day.

"Every Linda tweet reads like it was written by a beta version of ChatGPT that was never released to the larger public bc it failed the Turing test too hard," renowned Twitter user KrangTNelson replied.

Other users expressed more concern.

"Wtf does that even mean?" one user tweeted. "Do you need medical attention?"

"Linda, honey, what the shit does this mean?" another added.

It's far from the first time Yaccarino's comments have been met with a dumbfounded mix of outrage, outright confusion, and pity. Earlier this year, Yaccarino made a perplexing on-stage appearance at The Verge's Code Conference, becoming confrontational in her increasingly desperate attempts to defend Musk's many missteps.

During the event, she parroted his usual talking points of X being built on a "foundation based on free expression and freedom of speech" in response to critics pointing out how the platform had quickly devolved into a racist free-for-all.

There's an arguably sound case to be made at this point that Musk has no interest in looping Yaccarino in on the many changes going on at X.

Case in point, at the Code Conference, she revealed she wasn't even told right away that she was hired. She also seemingly didn't know about Musk's plans to implement a mandatory fee for using the platform.

Her characteristically late and vapid statement regarding Grok indicates she may have been blindsided by its unveiling as well.

"I wish I knew Grok during the Birds and the Bees talk with my kids!" she later said in response to a screenshot of Grok explaining to Musk how babies were made. The chatbot told Musk that the process involves a "magical process called fucking."

Just last week, Yaccarino had to yet again defend Musk for literally telling X advertisers to go "fuck" themselves, arguing that his unhinged comments at the New York Times' DealBook Summit were "candid" and "profound."

In short, it's hard what to make of Yaccarino's latest comments about Grok being a "ride or die" — whatever that may actually mean.

But if there's one thing that's for certain, it's that Yaccarino is Musk's ride or die, a conviction that has led to her closest allies texting her to leave X behind before it's too late.

That, however, appears to be out of the question for the time being.

"Who wouldn't want Elon Musk sitting by their side?" she asked rhetorically at the Code Conference.

The comment was met with laughter.

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