It’s always tough to find a great deal on quality products, and when the economy is as difficult as it has been, every dollar counts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your electronics or searching for that perfect grill to use for your Memorial Day party, you should first check out eBay’s Certified Refurbished department.

Premium quality

Certified Refurbished isn’t synonym for used, they’re products that have been bought, returned, and restored to pristine, like-new quality. You aren’t buying something second-hand; you’re getting a guarantee from the manufacturer that it’s the same level of quality as the first time it was removed from the box. Millions of folks have bought refurbished and been completely happy with their choice, according to a 2018 Consumer Reports survey.

And it isn’t just posturing, eBay provides a 30 day no-hassle return guarantee. If your product isn’t like-new quality or is missing an accessory, they’ll take it back and provide a refund with no questions asked. You also get eBay’s two year warranty on all Certified Refurbished goods, meaning that if there’s a fault you discover six months down the road, it’s no problem–eBay has got you covered.

Discount prices

Certified Refurbished means you get high-quality goods, including electronics, for far less than you would pay for new. A new Macbook could cost you $1500, while a Certified Refurbished only costs $800 for the same thing! Make every paycheck go further by snatching up deals on refurbished items.

Right now you can get 50% off everything in the Certified Refurbished department, on top of the discount that you’re already getting from buying refurbished merchandise! You'll get all the top name-brands that you love, for less than you can find anywhere else. Bose, Lenovo, Acer, Razer, SkullCandy, and DEWALT are just a few of the brands that regularly sell their refurbished wares on eBay. Even better, eBay is providing an additional 15% off coupon for your next purchase to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Reduce Waste

One of the biggest causes of climate change is purchasing new items that require manufacture, assembly, shipping, and all the emissions that go along with it. This isn’t even including the leakage of heavy, toxic metals into the ground and water by electronic waste. Purchasing refurbished stops returned goods from just being thrown into a landfill. Plenty of products have years of high-quality life left in them, and will be tossed because of a scratch, ding, or someone just didn’t like the color. Don’t contribute to the nearly 150 million tons of waste that gets tossed into American landfills every year; buy refurbished from retail sites like eBay. Not only will you be saving money on the latest goods with every purchase, you’ll be saving the planet too!

Get 50% off of every Certified Refurbished product in eBay’s inventory, and be sure to use the additional 15% off coupon. You, your budget, and the planet will be thrilled with your purchase.

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