It's fascinating that we still find ancient and amazing species in the murky depths, and we have yet to scratch the ocean surface.

That's why Canada has decided to be part of the team that aims to fill in the gaps when it comes to what we know about the deep, blue sea.  A research vessel from Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans will be part of a team assembled by the Nekton marine research foundation to explore the deep ocean.

The CCGS Hudson and about two dozen scientists will depart Halifax on July 14 for Bermuda, making stops to conduct research along the way. 

In particular, the mission will map areas off Bermuda, Nova Scotia and in the Sargasso Sea — located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

A benthic octopus found off the coast of Nova Scotia. Credit: DFO

"It remains a hugely unknown area for us. We have better maps of Mars and the Moon than we do of our own seabed," said Oliver Steeds, leader of the mission, to CBC News.

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